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PR Heating & Plumbing

We are pleased to offer as part of our package, a full heating and plumbing service. Working with our associates PR Heating & Plumbing.


Please contact CD Sherrin for more information on: 07791 627416

PR Heating & Plumbing is Gas Safe registered. After the boiler has been replaced / installed we will notify the local authority of the replacement/ installation. The local authority will subsequently send compliance certificates. We can install and service a variety of gas appliances from cookers to wall space heaters including break downs and replacements. From April 2005 all newly installed natural gas boilers in the UK had to be high efficiency. This is normally achieved by installing 'condensing' boilers.

PR Heating & Plumbing is OFTEC registered. All boilers will be replaced/installed to meet OFTEC (oil heating regulator) standards. After the boiler has been replaced/installed we will notify the local authority of the replacement/installation. The local authority will subsequently send compliance certificates. Since the 1st April 2007 building regulations now require that a condensing boiler should be fitted, unless certain conditions mean that an exemption can be claimed. Condensing boilers offer fuel to heat conversion factors of over 90%, maximising your fuel usage, and minimising environmental impact.

We are able to advise you on the best replacement heating & hot water system suited to your needs and in line with all current building regulations through design, installation, commissioning, certification and notification to building control.

Central heating & hot water replacements are currently on the increase as everyone seen the benefits of installing new high efficiency systems that reduce CO2 emissions and running costs, and as 84% of household energy is used on heating and hot water this can greatly reduce your fuel costs.

To replace your existing system may not seem as a high priority as other home improvements you have planed but could be the most cost effective that you can carry out, everyone would like to see the cost of running their heating & hot water reduced and this should be reflected in you annual fuel bill as the higher the efficiency of the boiler and controls the less fuel used.

What Is Powerflushing? - Powerflushing is a highly effective cleansing operation which works by pumping water at a much higher velocity than usual through the heating system with a specialist cleansing chemical which makes it more effective. For further details on 'Powerflushing' visit our web site here.